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RESU 6.5kWh now $4825.00, RESU 10 now $6415.00 RESU 10H now $7620.00

All prices include GST and delivery.

Prices on all warehouse items slashed while stocks last.



Avoid Inflated Prices - Know what you are paying for !

  • Get an itemised quote from your local installer. Ask for the quote to show clearly the installer's battery price and installation costs.

IMPORTANT - When asking for that itemised quote, do NOT share the bvim battery price for 'price matching'.

When matching bvim's low battery price, installers might inflate the installation cost to recover profit lost on the battery sale.

Win - Win

  • With careful planning it is possible to get the best price on your battery from bvim and the best installation price from a local installer.  



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RESU 10H, $8120.00 Includes GST and Delivery.. Product #: RESU 10H retail based on 0 Reviews Regular price: $8,120.00 $8,120.00 100

RESU 10H, $8120.00

Product Code: RESU 10H retail
Availability: 100

Price: $8120.00

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